Data Required
The type of information we collect from you will typically include:
full names, postal address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, dates of birth, passport details, payment information (eg. Debit/credit cards, card type, card number, security number and expiry date), dietary requirements and health issues (if any). In some circumstances we may ask for information which may be regarded as sensitive. Generally the information will be collected when you visit us in person, contact us by telephone, letter or e-mail or visit our website.
We make every effort to maintain the accuracy and completeness of the information which we hold, and to ensure this is up to date. You can assist us with this by contacting us immediately if there are any changes to your personal data or that we have any inaccurate information relating to you or any person on your booking. We will not be responsible for any losses from inaccurate, deficient or incomplete personal information that you or a person acting on your behalf provide to us.
Why We Need Your Data.
Courtesy Travel will be the Data Controller and use your personal data to provide the products and services you have requested from us and to administer your account (and for any marketing you consent to – see below). We will endeavor to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of your data. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain authorisation for Courtesy Travel to use any personal data to fulfil its obligations in regard to any travel arrangements or anything connected therewith, and we will assume that this permission has been given, if any travel arrangements are requested. If you do not agree with this notice you must not pass to us any personal information and we will be unable to process any bookings on your behalf.
What we do with your Data
When you book a travel related product through us we are normally acting as agent for travel service providers such as tour operators, hoteliers, airlines, car rental companies, attraction providers wholesalers and intermediaries who fulfill your travel requirements. We will in most instances have to pass your data to them. Generally these service providers will be subject to the same data protection laws. However, there may be some third party providers you require us to use to fulfill your travel needs based outside the EU, who may not be required to have data protection in place.
How Long We Keep Your Data.
Under UK tax law we are required to keep your information for a minimum of 6 years. After this time it will be destroyed. The information we keep for marketing will be kept until you notify us otherwise. You may wish us to keep your historical information/data for future reference.

I would like to receive information and advice about your products, services, special offers, events etc., and those of companies with which you work, as well as their legal successors. Personal information and data about my travel arrangements collected and processed by Courtesy Travel may be passed to or shared with various third parties including without limitation:
Our Contractors, suppliers, service providers, publishers, printers, distributors of marketing material, event organisers, research and communication agencies, mailing houses, courier services, external business advisers, wholesalers, transfer providers.
I also agree to being asked to participate in opinion surveys on products and services of the above-mentioned companies.
Your Rights.
If you feel we have any incorrect data you may have this rectified or deleted. Should you wish to raise a complaint about how we have handled you data you can contact our Operations Manager who will investigate. If you are not satisfied with our approach you may complain to the Information Commissioners Office. You may change your preferences on marketing information at any time. If you withdraw consent given under this notice to processing your data this will affect the services we can provide for you, but you will still have a liability which may include costs and expenses for any dealings with us prior to withdrawal of your consent.